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Bachelor's in Business Studies

Bachelor's in Business Studies (BBS) provodes an excellent broad-based grounding in all aspects of businesss and management.

Tribhuwan University (TU) is one of the top ranked university among the universities in Nepal.
The syllabus of TU degree are specially designed for Leader, Entrepreneurs and Practicing Managers required for the Nation. The 4 years BBS program mainly focuses on :

Knowledge - Students within the BBS Degree Course will study the main management functions including Finance, Marketing, Human resources, Production Management & Business Statistics.

Skills - Students will acquire the practical skills needed in the modern work place including leadership, group working, project management and presentations.

Why to choose this course

A wide choice of Fiancially rewarding career opportunities.

The broad coverage of the Business Degree will prepare students to work in general management. Students could also specialized in one area of management after graduation, allowing them to utilize their general knowledge of other aspects of Management.

It provides a strong foundation for further study.

BBS Degree gives students the opportunity to progress to MBA/MBS programe as well as in other Master's Program. And open rooms for applying at any graduate degree in the world.

Curriculum Structure

The rigorous curriculum for BBS degree comprises four separate and distinct course components. The course inter alia covers :

• A strong foundation in allied areas of business such as language, economics analysis, legal environment, quantitative methods and research methods to prepare graduates to understand, anlyze and comprehend the management concepts, theories and practices.

• Core business studies encompassing and integrating all functional areas to provide graduates with an appreciation of the diversity and inter-relationship of business and management issues.

• The opportunity to concentrate in one area of specialization such as accounting, finance, human resources management, management science and marketing in order to provide graduates with some degree of functional expertise.

First Year
Business English
Business Statistics
Micro Economics
Accounting for Financial Analysis
Principles of Management

Second Year
Macro Economics
Cost and Management Accounting
Fundamentals of Marketing
Foundations of Human Resource Management
Business Communication

Third Year
Business Environment and Strategy
Fundamentals of Finance Management
Business Law
Taxation and Auditing
Organizational Behavior

Fourth Year
Enterpreneurship and Enterprise Development
Concentration I
Concentration II
Concentration III
Business Research Methods
Final Project

Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge, knowledge makes you great.

- Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

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